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In Case You Missed It - off track in Brazil

14 Nov 2016

There was plenty of drama on track in Sunday’s Formula 1 Grande Premio do Brasil 2016, but there was also much going on behind the scenes in the build-up to the Sao Paulo race. Here's our social media round-up of just a few of the highlights...

All mod cons

Proof that even F1 drivers prefer a more sedate form of transport at times - this is how Mercedes' Nico Rosberg chilled out ahead of his Interlagos weekend.

The happy couple

His F1 future may still be up in the air, but at least Haas's Esteban Gutierrez was able to announce one long-term commitment prior to Brazil. 

Keep on running

How do you prepare yourself for what turned out to be one of the longest and most punishing races of the season? Run another long and punishing race, of course. Bet Jenson Button wished he had finished fifth at Interlagos for McLaren, mind.

Caught on camera, Part 1

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and friends say cheese - though no one seems to have told Roscoe.

Caught on camera, Part 2

McLaren's Fernando Alonso tried his hand at becoming a TV cameraman during FP2. 'Don't give up the day job' seemed to be the consensus of opinion.

Pedal to the Max

Even on a bicycle, a passing attempt by Red Bull's Max Verstappen is hard to resist.

Stretch that Swede

It's not just tyres and brakes that F1 engineers like drivers to get some heat into - at Sauber they're very concerned about legs too, as Marcus Ericsson discovered on Friday.

Golden balls

In case you'd forgotten, this weekend's Grand Prix wasn't the only major sporting event held in Brazil this year. These guys triumphed for their home nation back in the summer.

Suits you

Williams' Felipe Massa knew his final home race was going to be an emotional occasion and he came dressed accordingly. 

McLaren's milestone

This weekend saw McLaren become only the second team in history - after Ferrari - to reach 800 F1 starts. No wonder they were celebrating.

Model guest

F1 tyre suppliers Pirelli sent a rather special representative to help McLaren with those celebrations.

Rock god meets racing legend

Guns N' Roses star Slash, pictured here with Niki Lauda, brought a slightly different kind of glamour to the Mercedes garage.

A fond farewell

It wasn't quite the send-off he was planning from his countrymen, but at least Felipe Massa's race-ending crash in Brazil allowed him to share a moment in the spotlight with his ever-loyal home fans.

A nod to Senna

Lewis Hamilton had always wanted to win in his hero's homeland and this weekend he finally did it - wearing a helmet design inspired by the great man himself.