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The Big Quiz - test your knowledge of 2016

26 Dec 2016

From on-track spats and astounding drives to the best Saturday performances and the most memorable podiums, it's time to delve into your memory bank to see how well you recall the 2016 season...

Question 1:

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg respectively led the most laps this season – but who was third on the list? 

Question 2:

"He is just a very frustrated guy, shouting on the radio like a child.” Who said it – and about whom?

Question 3:

Felipe Massa crashed in Brazil this year, leading to emotional tributes from fans and teams alike. True or false – in terms of wins and podiums, Massa has a better record on home soil than any other Brazilian in F1 history?

Question 4:

In the video below, Nico Rosberg took the lead of the Austrian Grand Prix following this incident for Sebastian Vettel. In total five different drivers led the race, a 2016 high. Can you name the other three? 

Question 5:

Where did Romain Grosjean finish for Haas on what was the team’s Grand Prix debut in Australia?

Question 6:

Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton accounted for 35 front row starts in 2016 – but can you name the four other drivers who lined up on the front of the grid over the season?

Question 7:

Azerbaijan’s Baku City Circuit joined the F1 calendar in 2016, to widespread acclaim. It is the second brand new circuit to be added in the last three years – can you name the other venue?

Question 8:

Jenson Button’s decision to step away from F1 racing in 2017 means he will not be competing for the first time in 17 years. Can you name his team, and team mate, for his Grand Prix debut back in 2000?

Question 9:

Max Verstappen became the youngest winner in Grand Prix history following his breakthrough triumph in Spain. Sebastian Vettel had previously held the record as F1’s youngest winner – but who held the record before Vettel and Verstappen? 

Question 10:

Which driver claimed the most consecutive points finishes in 2016?

Question 11:

In the video below, Fernando Alonso made up an astounding 10 places on the opening lap in Malaysia. The Spaniard set the record for most places gained on the first lap across the year – but what was his final tally? 36, 41 or 46?


Question 12:

Outside of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, which driver spent the most laps inside the top six in 2016?

Question 13:

Verstappen earned comparisons to the likes of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher with his astounding charge to third in the wet in Brazil. But how many places in total did he make up following his fifth and final pit stop?

Question 14:

Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel shared the podium for the season opener in Australia – but how many other times did they all share a rostrum in 2016? One, two or three?

Question 15:

And finally, Daniel Ricciardo patented a new F1 podium celebration in the form of the shoey this year – but how many people in total were ‘persuaded’ to joining his celebration?



1. Sebastian Vettel, who led 90 laps in total (Hamilton led 566, Rosberg 489. Daniel Ricciardo was fourth on 74); 2. Max Verstappen, about Sebastian Vettel (post-race in Mexico); 3. True. Massa has two wins and five podiums – Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna all scored two wins and four podiums; 4. Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen; 5. Sixth; 6. Daniel Ricciardo, Valtteri Bottas, Nico Hulkenberg, Max Verstappen; 7. Russia’s Sochi Autodrom; 8. Williams and Ralf Schumacher; 9. Fernando Alonso (he was 22 years and 6 days old when he won in Hungary in 2003); 10. Daniel Ricciardo - he finished in the points in every race since Spain, a run of 17 races; 11. 41; 12. Valtteri Bottas, on 375 laps. Sergio Perez was next on 328 laps; 13. 11 places (he went from 14th to third in 14 laps); 14. Two (Italy and Abu Dhabi); 15. Five: Christian Horner, Gerard Butler, Mark Webber, Max Verstappen and Nico Rosberg. 


How did you get on?

0-5: Back of the grid

6-10: Solid midfield runner

11-15: Top of the podium