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Say what? The best of race radio in Australia

22 Mar 2016

The clampdown on pit-to-car communication may have reduced radio traffic over the Melbourne weekend, but there were still plenty of fascinating and colourful exchanges between driver and engineer. Here are just a few...

Verstappen voices his disapproval

Max Verstappen is none too impressed with Toro Rosso’s decision to pit Carlos Sainz first and their refusal to order the Spaniard to let him past.

Vettel on the slide

Sebastian Vettel apologises after a late off ends his chances of splitting the Mercedes, forcing him to settle for third in a race many believed Ferrari could - and perhaps should - have won.

Grosjean does Haas proud

Points in their very first Grand Prix - no wonder Romain Grosjean was delighted with his P6 finish for newcomers Haas, the first American-led team on the grid in 30 years.

Hamilton's left hanging

An unusual request from Lewis Hamilton to his Mercedes crew, who - through no fault of their own - aren’t too helpful in their response.


Gutierrez in the gravel

Haas's Esteban Gutierrez's first thoughts are for his fellow driver after he and McLaren's Fernando Alonso emerged unscathed following their huge mid-race shunt.

Ricciardo raises a glass

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo finds something to celebrate - fourth place in his home Grand Prix (equalling the best ever finish by an Australian in Australia) and the fastest lap of the race.