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The Big Quiz - test your knowledge of the Australian Grand Prix

17 Mar 2016

Think you know your Adelaide from your Albert Park? Then why not take our devilishly difficult quiz on all things Australia...

Answers at the bottom of the page

Question 1: 

Only one driver has won four Grands Prix on Australian soil – who? 

Question 2:

Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Juan Pablo Montoya all made their F1 debuts in Australia in 2001, but only one of them finished the race in the points. Who was it?

Question 3:

Watch the video below and then name the two drivers who are seen clashing in the 2007 Australian Grand Prix. 

Question 4:

Williams’ Keke Rosberg won the inaugural Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide in 1985, but who was on pole?

Question 5: 

Look at the picture below. Lewis Hamilton took his first win in Australia in 2008 – but which two drivers joined him on the podium?

Question 6:

Which of these drivers has led the most laps in Australia of the current grid - Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen or Lewis Hamilton?

Question 7:

I made my F1 race debut in Australia in 2011, qualifying 14th before finishing tenth, one place behind my team mate Adrian Sutil – who am I?

Question 8:

Four different drivers have triumphed for Ferrari on Australian soil. Michael Schumacher is one – who are the other three?

Question 9:

“Racing is like this. It was quite busy start, going into a narrow corner. I just felt a big hit on the back and didn't see what happened.” – who said this after the 2015 Australian race?

Question 10:

Picture question: Who is this Brazilian driver, failing to qualify for Lola at the 1997 Australian Grand Prix? 

Question 11:

‘Heron is buttery’ is an anagram of which Australian Grand Prix winner from 1989?

Question 12:

Which team had both of their cars excluded from the results of the 2011 Australian Grand Prix for illegal rear wing dimensions?

Question 13:

What prompted Ayrton Senna's mechanics to cheekily place boxing gloves on the Brazilian's steering wheel ahead of the 1993 Australian Grand Prix?

Question 14:

What was unique about Damon Hill’s wins at the 1995 and 1996 Australian Grands Prix?

Question 15:

The 1991 Australian Grand Prix holds the record as the shortest race in F1 history, but how many laps had been completed when the race was red flagged – 6, 16 or 26?




1. Michael Schumacher; 2. Raikkonen, who came sixth for Sauber; 3. Red Bull’s David Coulthard and Williams’ Alex Wurz; 4. Lotus’s Ayrton Senna; 5. Nick Heidfeld (who came second) and Nico Rosberg (who was third); 6. Jenson Button with 150; 7. Paul di Resta; 8. Gerhard Berger, Eddie Irvine and Kimi Raikkonen; 9. Pastor Maldonado; 10. Ricardo Rosset; 11. Thierry Boutsen; 12. Sauber; 13. He'd tried to punch Eddie Irvine at the previous race in Japan; 14. They came in consecutive races – in Adelaide for the last race of 1995 and in Melbourne for the first race of 1996; 15. 16 (though the final result was taken from the order on lap 14).


How did you get on?

0-5: Back of the grid

6-10: Solid midfield runner

11-15: Top of the podium