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The Big Quiz - test your Monaco Grand Prix knowledge

24 May 2016

Monaco is amongst the most evocative circuits on the F1 calendar, but does that mean you’ll have an easier time with the answers to our devilishly difficult quiz? It's time to put your expertise on trial...

Answers at the bottom of the page

Question 1:

Why did Jenson Button have to run to the podium after winning the 2009 race at Monaco?

Question 2:

Which legendary driver famously cheated death after crashing his Lancia into the harbour in 1955?

Question 3:

In the video below, which driver is seen making a pit stop during the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix – and what was unusual about his appearance?

Question 4:

How many times have Williams won in Monaco – three, six or ten?

Question 5:

Just two Monegasque drivers have competed in their home Grand Prix since the race’s world championship debut in 1950. Louis Chiron was the first, but who was the second (pictured below, driving for Larousse in 1994)?

Question 6:

Who celebrated his 2010 and 2012 victories at Monaco by backflipping into a swimming pool?

Question 7:

Which world champion famously likened driving at Monaco to 'riding a bicycle around your living room'? 

Question 8:

At which corner did Michael Schumacher controversially ‘park’ his Ferrari during qualifying in 2006?

Question 9:

In the video below, which former Ferrari driver is seen suffering a terrifying barrel roll after colliding with Martin Brundle’s Tyrrell during the 1986 Monaco Grand Prix?  

Question 10:

Olivier Panis holds the record for winning from the lowest grid slot in Monaco – but where did he line up ahead of his 1996 triumph?

Question 11:

The great Jim Clark took four pole positions in Monaco, but how many times did he win there?

Question 12:

By how much did McLaren’s Ayrton Senna out-qualify team mate Alain Prost to claim pole at Monaco in 1988 - 0.4s, 0.8s or 1.4s?

Question 13:

Who is this getting airbourne at the start of the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix?

Question 14:

What did McLaren fail to do for the only time in their history at Monaco in 1983? 

Question 15:

Graham Hill earned the nickname ‘Mr Monaco’ for his five wins in the Principality, but who did he score the majority of his victories there with – BRM or Lotus?


1. He mistakenly parked his victorious Brawn in the pit lane instead of on the pit straight, as is traditional for the top three finishers in Monaco; 2. Alberto Ascari; 3. David Coulthard, who was wearing one of Michael Schumacher’s helmets after suffering issues with his own; 4. 3 times (1980, 1983, 2003); 5. Olivier Beretta; 6. Red Bull’s Mark Webber; 7. Nelson Piquet; 8. Rascasse; 9. Patrick Tambay; 10. 14th; 11. Zero; 12. 1.4s; 13. Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi; 14. They failed to qualify either of their cars for the race; 15. BRM, by a score of three to two. 


How did you get on?

0-5: Back of the grid

6-10: Solid midfield runner

11-15: Top of the podium