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Say what? The best of team radio in Monaco

01 Jun 2016

From elation to despair and everything in between, Monaco proved a test of mental strength just as much as skill this year. We recap the stand-out radio sound bites from the weekend...
Ricciardo stuns on Saturday

Daniel Ricciardo couldn't hold back the emotion after a sensational lap delivered him the first pole of his F1 career, and around the streets of Monte Carlo nonetheless. "It's my time," the Australian barked - but he was only half right. While he was firmly on top on Saturday, the race would prove a different story...

Kvyat's bad roll continues (Part 1)

It would be easy to forgive Daniil Kvyat if he wanted to forget all about events since Russia - and he may now wish to add Monaco to that list. The problems started before the race had even properly got underway, with Kvyat suffering an electrical glitch that turned eighth on the grid into a one-lap deficit - and prompted an agonising exchange with his Toro Rosso crew.

'Watch that Ferrari'

When Kimi Raikkonen slew into the hairpin wall on lap 10, Romain Grosjean saw an opportunity to pass not just the Ferrari but also the Williams of Felipe Massa. The plan unravelled one corner later however, as Grosjean found himself on the wrong side of Raikkonen's unsteerable machine - with Haas's warning coming just too late to save the Frenchman.

Kvyat's bad roll continues (Part 2)

After his early woes, Kvyat's race didn't get much better. One lap down and out of position, his attempt to salvage something from the weekend carried him towards the back of Kevin Magnussen's Renault, but his attempts to pass were not to end well. Brief contact at the swimming pool was followed by an even more rash move at Rascasse in which both drivers came to an agonising standstill. Safe to say Magnussen wasn't best pleased...

Warring team mates...

For the second race in a row, Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson found themselves contesting the same piece of track. Sauber's attempt to step in and implement a swap didn't go down well with Nasr though, as wryly noted by his team mate.

...and breaking the golden rule

If there's one rule for team mates, it is to not hit each other. So when the Saubers collided at Rascasse, Nasr was quick to lay the blame squarely at Ericsson's door. Perhaps he knew the fall-out waiting for him back at the Sauber garage...

The smiling assassin no more

No driver likes losing - but when victory is squandered through no fault of your own, it can be hard to stomach. No wonder the man who never stops smiling suddenly lost his sparkle.