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The Big Quiz - test your Canadian Grand Prix knowledge

07 Jun 2016

Know your Jacques from your Gilles and your Montreal from your Mont-Tremblant? Then you could be on to a winner with our fiendishly difficult quiz on all things Canada...

Answers at the bottom of the page

Question 1:

Jacques Villeneuve raced in 10 Grands Prix on home soil, but how many times did he finish on the podium in Montreal - once, twice or three times?

Question 2:

Nigel Mansell famously lost victory in the 1991 race after his car ground to a halt on the final lap. But who inherited the win?

Question 3:

Which Japanese driver - and future F1 team boss - is featured in the video below, making a swift escape from his Lola after it burst into flames three laps into the 1991 race?

Question 4:

Three world champions crashed out of the 1999 race at the infamous ‘Wall of Champions’ - name them.

Question 5:

Which driver accidentally ran into the back of Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari (below) at the end of the pit lane during the 2008 race?

Question 6:

Which team holds the record for most victories in Canada with 13?

Question 7:

Three venues have hosted the Canadian Grand Prix - Montreal, Mont-Tremblant and which other circuit? 

Question 8:

Which one of these two things happened for the first time in F1 history at the 1971 Canadian Grand Prix? a) The race was red-flagged because of bad weather; b) A safety car was deployed.

Question 9:

In the video below, which driver is seen passing Jarno Trulli’s Jordan during a wet race in Montreal in 2000?

Question 10:

Two drivers have scored Grand Slams (pole, fastest lap, win, led every lap) on Canadian soil. Nelson Piquet was the first in 1984, but who scored the second in 1994?

Question 11:

Which British driver said this in 2007, after making contact with some local wildlife during the race: “It is such a shame about the beaver. It had it in for me for sure! I was running in third place at the time, behind the safety car. I was on a clear, one-stop strategy and it damaged the front wing”?

Question 12:

In what year did the man after whom the Montreal circuit is named - Gilles Villeneuve - score his only Canadian Grand Prix victory?

Question 13:

Who did Force India’s Sergio Perez collide with on the final lap of the 2014 race while disputing fourth place, earning himself a much disputed five-place grid penalty for the next race?

Question 14:

What unique - and slightly dubious - honour did Canadian racer Al Pease earn in the 1969 race?

Question 15:

Which French driver celebrated a season-best finish of fifth place in the 2001 Canadian Grand Prix by performing several donuts and throwing his helmet into the crowd? 


1. Once, in 1996; 2. Benetton’s Nelson Piquet; 3. Aguri Suzuki; 4. Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve; 5. Lewis Hamilton; 6. McLaren; 7. Mosport; 8. a) The race was red-flagged after 64 laps because of bad weather; 9. Arrows’ Jos Verstappen (father of Max); 10. Michael Schumacher; 11. Super Aguri's Anthony Davidson; 12. 1978, the year of the first race in Montreal; 13. Williams’ Felipe Massa; 14. He became the first driver in F1 history to be black flagged for going too slowly; 15. Jean Alesi. 


How did you get on?

0-5: Back of the grid

6-10: Solid midfield runner

11-15: Top of the podium