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Say what? The best of race radio in Austria

05 Jul 2016

From qualifying surprises and 'baguette' kerbs, to rain and a certain final-lap incident, there was no shortage of talking points from the Formula 1 Grosser Preis von Osterreich 2016. We pick out the weekend's best soundbites...

"Okay I think you've seen... right rear exploded, nothing I could do. Engine off, that's it. Sorry guys."
Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel goes from race leader to retiree in a matter of metres, as his tyre gives way and pitches him into the barriers on lap 27.

"I went over the debris, so check the pressures."

Nico Rosberg has a front-row seat for Vettel's crash - but unfortunately that means the Mercedes driver cannot escape running straight through the wreckage that spills across the circuit.

"Okay Lewis, close that gap as much as you can - it's hammer time."

Despite Rosberg's debris concerns, he is still able to vault to the front of the field - prompting Mercedes to urge team mate Hamilton into full attack as the pair near their second and final pit stops.

"Good job Jenson, good job! Let's get Nasr now!"
"Maximum attack through these cars, maximum attack!"

Hamilton isn't the only one getting the hurry up - McLaren scent a result in Spielberg, and give Button all the encouragement he needs to scythe his way past Esteban Gutierrez and then Felipe Nasr.

"He's changing direction! Five times!"
In the heat of another battle, Pascal Wehrlein is less than impressed by some overly-feisty defending from Kevin Magnussen, who is later penalised for the incident.


"Come on, blue flags!" (Raikkonen)
"Copy copy, he's getting them." (Ferrari)
"He's not getting the blue flags!" (Raikkonen)
Perhaps trying to join team mate Vettel in having a blue flag song, Kimi Raikkonen takes exception to traffic - and then to Ferrari trying to placate him - late on in Austria.

"Okay Fernando, there are spots of rain. Let's just do what we can with this lap, do what we can."

Raikkonen isn't the only man with complaints - Fernando Alonso isn't best pleased as McLaren send him out on used rubber at the start of Q2. With rain fast approaching, the Spaniard has just one shot - but he can't find a way into the fight for pole.

"That's the chequered flag and you are P5, P5. Well done mate!"
"Whooo! Thank you guys. When you are in that position you always hope for more don't you, but we forget who we are racing. Not bad at all!" (Button)
No such concerns on the other side of the garage, as Button - a master of mixed conditions - books his best qualifying result in two years.

"Ahhh not a bad effort! Very happy with those laps!"

Force India's Nico Hulkenberg is also beaming after booking only the second front-row starting spot of his F1 career - although his fortunes would alter drastically on Sunday...

"That's a mega lap, a mega lap!"

Manor, too, can't hide their joy as Pascal Wehrlein springs a sensation and goes 12th fastest in qualifying, within 1.5s of the outright pace.


"I am sorry guys, I crashed." (Kvyat)
"I have a suspension failure." (Perez)
"I think those yellow kerbs in the fast corners are really dangerous." (Verstappen)
Spielberg's 'baguette' kerbs became a running talking point during the weekend, with several drivers - including the above trio - falling foul of them, Kvyat in particularly spectacular fashion.

"So Nico, is it ready for drys? You have two more timed laps..."
(Mercedes to Rosberg)
"Negative, negative, negative."
The kerbs aren't the only thing catching the drivers out - a sudden burst of rain comes and then dries with astonishing speed, meaning that Nico Rosberg and co are indeed able to use slicks for the final laps of Q3.

"Okay Lewis, well done mate. Not the race we were after but a good result."
(Mercedes to Hamilton)
"Yeah. I was on the outside, wasn't me that crashed..."
After the drama of qualifying, even more drama in the race as Hamilton and Rosberg collide while fighting for the lead on the final lap. It is Hamilton - quick to defend his role in the crash - who emerges triumphant.