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The Big Quiz - test your Hungarian Grand Prix knowledge

20 Jul 2016

The temperature in Budapest in July is usually scorching, but how hot is your Hungarian Grand Prix knowledge? It’s time to put yourself to the test...

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Question 1:

Damon Hill scored his first Grand Prix win at the 1993 Hungarian Grand Prix, but what was particularly significant about his victory?

Question 2:

In 2004 Michael Schumacher became the last driver to win in Hungary and go on to do what?

Question 3:

Which driver is this, making a hasty exit from his fiery Renault in 2011?

Question 4:

Sebastian Vettel was given a drive-through penalty during the 2010 race at the Hungaroring, but what unusual offence did he commit? 

Question 5:

In 2003 the driver below became the first – and as yet only – Hungarian driver to take part in his home race. Who is he?

Question 6:

Nigel Mansell famously clinched his one and only drivers’ world championship on Hungarian soil in 1992, but how many races were still remaining in that season – five, six or seven?  

Question 7:

Which driver finished a fine sixth on his debut in Hungary in 2006, but was later disqualified for having an underweight car? 

Question 8:

Who, at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, became the then youngest ever driver to race in F1 at 19 years, four months and three days old?

Question 9:

In 2005 42-year-old Chanoch Nissany, seen here spinning into the gravel, became the first driver from which country to participate in an official F1 practice session? 

Question 10:

Jenson Button set a record in 2006 for winning from the lowest grid slot in Hungary, but where did he start – 12th, 14th or 16th?

Question 11:

Which team became the first to win in F1 with a KERS-powered car at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix?

Question 12:

Which driver was hit with three individual penalties during last year’s race in Hungary – the first for colliding with Force India’s Sergio Perez, the second for speeding in the pit lane, and the third for overtaking under the safety car?

Question 13:

Which driver, seen here behind race winner Michael Schumacher, scored his maiden Grand Prix podium at Hungary in 1994?

Question 14:

Mercedes-, Honda-, Renault- and Ferrari-powered cars have accounted for 29 of the 30 Hungarian Grand Prix wins to date. Which engine manufacturer was responsible for the other? 

Question 15:

With victory at the 2001 Hungarian Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher equalled two of Alain Prost’s career records. The first was Prost’s tally of 51 race victories, but what was the second?


1. It was the first win for a son of a former world champion; 2. Win the world title in the same year; 3. Nick Heidfeld; 4. He fell more than 10 car lengths behind team mate Mark Webber during a safety car period; 5. Zsolt Baumgartner; 6. Five; 7. Robert Kubica; 8. Jaime Alguersuari; 9. Israel; 10. 14th; 11. McLaren; 12. Lotus' Pastor Maldonado; 13. Max's dad, Jos Verstappen; 14. Ford; 15. Equalling the Frenchman’s tally of four word titles. 


How did you get on?

0-5: Back of the grid

6-10: Solid midfield runner

11-15: Top of the podium