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Say what? 3 top soundbites from Spa’s Ferrari-Red Bull rivalry

30 Aug 2016

The comings-together - and near comings-together - between Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and the Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were among the talking points of the 2016 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix. Here’s what the men at the wheel had to say at three of those key moments…

1 - When three-into-one won’t go

Slow away from his P2 grid slot, Verstappen attempted to reclaim the place by squeezing down the inside of Raikkonen at Turn 1. Unfortunately, the Finn was also being squeezed by his team mate on the outside, leading to inevitable contact between all three.

2 - No room for Raikkonen

Eleven laps on and Raikkonen was setting up a move on Verstappen on the approach to Les Combes. With his nose in front, the Finn felt he had the place. His young rival disagreed, and refused to yield. The Ferrari went ahead, but only after straight-lining the corner, hence this query to the pit wall.

3 - Defending to the Max

The very next lap Raikkonen was all set to repeat an overtaking attempt at Les Combes. He got the run on Verstappen and this time ducked inside, only for the Red Bull to jink right too. Hear the Iceman lose his cool as he is forced to rapidly back out of it.