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The Big Quiz - test your Italian Grand Prix knowledge

31 Aug 2016

Monza is the fastest track on the calendar, but will the answers to our tricky quiz pop into your head quite as quickly? It’s time to put your memory to the test…

Answers at the bottom of the page

Question 1:

Sebastian Vettel surpassed Fernando Alonso as F1’s (then) youngest ever race winner with victory at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix, but how old was he - 20, 21 or 22?

Question 2:

Peter Gethin famously won the 1971 Italian Grand Prix by just 0.01s - the smallest margin of victory in F1 history. But who finished second in the slipstreaming classic - Francois Cevert, Ronnie Peterson or Chris Amon?

Question 3:

In the video below, who is this spinning into retirement at the first chicane during the 2012 race? 

Question 4:

The Italian Grand Prix has been run every year since 1950, but what made the 1980 running unique?

Question 5:

Which Italian driver, pictured below, made his 14th and final F1 start at Monza for Jordan in 2004?

Question 6:

Why did the leading British teams (including Cooper, Lotus and BRM) boycott the 1960 race at Monza?

Question 7:

What occurred at the 2005 Italian Grand Prix that hadn’t happened since the 1961 Dutch Grand Prix?

Question 8:

Which current driver furiously claimed that “F1 is no longer a sport” after receiving a five-place grid penalty for blocking during qualifying in 2006?

Question 9:

In the video below, which driver is Red Bull's Mark Webber seen passing during the 2010 race at Monza?

Question 10:

Which driver made a one-off appearance for Lotus when Romain Grosjean was banned for the 2012 Italian Grand Prix? 

Question 11:

Kimi Raikkonen has never won in Italy – true or false?

Question 12:

Niki Lauda famously returned to action at the 1976 Italian Grand Prix, just over a month after his horrific fiery crash in Germany. But where did the Austrian finish at Monza - fourth, sixth or eighth?

Question 13:

Which Italian driver back flipped his way across the finish line at his home Grand Prix in 1993 after contact with Minardi team mate Christian Fittipaldi?

Question 14:

Who was the last Italian-born driver to win the Italian Grand Prix?

Question 15:

Which American driver scored his only F1 podium finish with third place at Monza in 1993?


1. 21; 2. Ronnie Peterson; 3. Toro Rosso's Jean-Eric Vergne; 4. It was held at Imola - the only one of the 66 Italian Grands Prix to-date to be held away from Monza; 5. Giorgio Pantano; 6. Because the race organisers decided to reinstate the banked section of track, which the British teams believed was too fast and too bumpy; 7. All the cars that started the race reached the finish; 8. Renault's Fernando Alonso; 9. Williams' Nico Hulkenberg; 10. Jerome d'Ambrosio; 11. True; 12. Fourth; 13. Pierluigi Martini; 14. Mario Andretti, who was born in Italy but raced for the USA and won at Monza in 1977; 15. Michael Andretti. 


How did you get on?

0-5: Back of the grid

6-10: Solid midfield runner

11-15: Top of the podium