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Pirelli outline plans for wet-weather running in Jerez

27 Jan 2014

Formula One racing’s official tyre supplier Pirelli has confirmed that the final day of this week’s pre-season test in Jerez will be devoted to wet weather tyre testing on an artificially-watered track.

The 2014 regulations state that one of the 12 pre-season test days must be dedicated to wet-weather tyre testing, and that will be this Friday, unless it rains during the previous three test days (in which case the first rainy day will become the dedicated wet-weather test day).

Pirelli’s 2014 range of tyres have been given an overhaul to cope with the change from normally-aspirated 2.4-litre engines to 1.6-litre turbocharged power units. All of the slick tyres have been given a new construction and revised compounds, and are slightly heavier than last year as a result. The wet tyre, meanwhile, has been given a new tread pattern and a different compound.

Due to the abrasive nature of the Spanish circuit and the expected low temperatures, Pirelli is making three specifications of slick tyre available - the medium compound, the hard compound and a special ‘winter’ version of the hard compound that has been designed to work effectively - and not grain - even in cold conditions.

“This first test is an opportunity to see how the new cars interact with our latest tyres, considering the differences between all the 2014 cars,” said Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery. “Jerez will be an official test but also a learning experience for everyone.

“The 2014 tyres are just as different to their predecessors as the 2014 cars, with the majority of our preparation work having been carried out by using advanced data simulation, as well as real on-track testing.”

Each car is allowed to use up to 25 sets of tyres during the Spanish session.