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Red Bull submit appeal over Ricciardo exclusion

20 Mar 2014

Red Bull have formally submitted their appeal to Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, over Daniel Ricciardo’s exclusion from the race results in Australia.

Ricciardo lost his second-place finish in Sunday’s race in Melbourne after stewards decided his car had run with too high a fuel flow rate - a breach of Article 5.1.4 of the 2014 technical regulations, which limits teams to a maximum fuel flow rate of 100kg per hour.

Red Bull announced their intention to appeal on Sunday, saying: “Inconsistencies with the FIA fuel flow meter have been prevalent all weekend up and down the pit lane. The Team and Renault are confident the fuel supplied to the engine is in full compliance with the regulations.”

Red Bull's appeal will now be processed by the FIA, who will then set a date for its hearing.