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Mexican duo hail Mexico City's F1® return

24 Jul 2014

Sergio Perez and his Mexican countryman Esteban Gutierrez both expressed their delight at the news that Formula One racing is set to return to Mexico City after an absence of more than two decades.

Formula One group CEO Bernie Ecclestone revealed on Wednesday that an agreement to hold a Grand Prix in Mexico in 2015 had been reached.

Perez, who became the first Mexican to start an F1 race for 30 years when he made his debut in Australia in 2011, said the event will spark a new wave of enthusiasm and interest in the sport.

"It's great for my country and for all the fans back home, and I'm sure you all will be surprised at how good the event will be," he enthused.

"I'm just very proud and excited - it's great that we can confirm that we will have a Mexican Grand Prix next year.

"The spirit of the fans is massive back home, there is a lot of excitement. I'm sure that the younger generation are all interested in Formula One and I will be really happy if this can open doors to have engineers, mechanics, drivers, people working in the media, more and more Mexican and more Hispanic overall. That would be great for Formula One and for the sport.

"Since I left my home at 13, I have never raced in my home country. Now to go back after so many years and actually race in F1 is great. I'm so happy."

Gutierrez said the confirmation of a Mexican Grand Prix was a "dream come true," adding: "I have good feelings about it - this is a great step to have a Grand Prix.

"I had the chance to race once in Mexico City, back in 2008, when we did the world finals of Formula BMW. It was a great experience. Now we will be able to going into the biggest thing in Mexico and to really physically share the sport with our fans, with our supporters."

While Mexico had been provisionally included in a 2014 calendar by Formula One governing body the FIA, Perez said he had no concerns about the race going ahead, even though work will need to be done to bring the circuit up to modern standards.

"[It is] one hundred percent sure that we will go to Mexico next year, no doubt about it," he added. "Everything is confirmed. Last year was a difficult situation due to the time that we had to build the circuit, but now there is no doubt.

"Already they're building the circuit, they've already started on the circuit, so yes, we're definitely going there."