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Pirelli reveal tyre choices for Spain, Monaco, Canada and Austria

22 Apr 2015

Formula One racing's official tyre suppliers Pirelli have confirmed the tyre compounds that will be used in the upcoming Grands Prix in Spain, Monaco, Canada and Austria.

In Spain the teams will use the two hardest tyres in the Italian company’s range - the white-marked mediums and orange-marked hards - as these are the best combination to deal with the high loads seen in Barcelona.

Conversely in Monaco, Canada and Austria the two softest tyres in the range - the red-marked supersofts and the yellow-marked softs - will be used as they are best suited to the low-grip characteristics of each track.

Pirelli say that while the nominations are exactly the same as 2014, with the cars going faster this year, there is more energy going through the tyres.

At a glance - tyre compounds for 2015:

Australia - soft, medium
Malaysia - hard, medium
China - soft, medium
Bahrain - soft, medium

Spain - medium, hard
Monaco - supersoft, soft
Canada - supersoft, soft
Austria - supersoft, soft