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No further action over Sainz, Kvyat clash

10 May 2015

The stewards in Spain have opted against taking action against Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz or Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat over their last lap altercation in Barcelona.

The duo had been under investigation after clashing at Turn 1 as Sainz attempted to pass Kvyat around the outside for ninth place. Contact was made, pitching Sainz off the road, but when he returned to the track he did so ahead of Kvyat, leading the stewards to question whether he had gained an unfair advantage.

The Russian meanwhile was investigated over whether he had caused a collision and changed lines too many times when defending his position.

However, after hearing from Kvyat and Sainz and reviewing video evidence the stewards decided to take no further action, partially on the basis that both drivers saw it as a racing incident.

"In relation to the alleged breach of Article 20.3 the Stewards accept the statement of the driver of Car 26, the concurrence of the driver of Car 55 and confirmation from the video evidence, that the first two moves were not defensive and that only the third move was defensive," the stewards said.

"In relation to the alleged breach of Article 16.1 the Stewards agree with the assertions of the drivers and team representatives that this was a racing incident.

"In relation to the alleged breach of Article 20.2 the Stewards consider that Car 55 was in front at the time it entered the corner and accept the evidence of the driver that he slowed in re-joining the track at Turn 2 and gave room at Turn 3 for Car 26, in order to avoid gaining a lasting advantage.

"The driver of Car 26 also admitted that he slowed at Turn 2 and gave room for Car 55 to re-join the track."

The stewards’ decision means that Sainz retains his ninth place finish and Kvyat tenth.