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Pirelli to debut new supersoft tyre in Monaco

18 May 2015

This weekend’s race in Monte Carlo will feature the only all-new tyre compound of 2015 as Pirelli introduce a brand new version of their red-marked supersoft rubber.

The new supersoft will offer the most grip and performance of Pirelli’s entire F1 range, as well as the fastest warm-up time, making it ideally suited to the unique demands of Monaco’s street circuit.

“Monaco has often been described as a circuit where overtaking is impossible, but we have seen in the past there how tyre strategy and degradation has often led to positions changing, including on-track overtaking,” commented Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery.

“In particular, the way that drivers use the new supersoft tyre, with its notable performance advantage, will be crucial.”

That advantage is expected to be at least a second per lap, making the supersoft the tyre of choice throughout the weekend - though, of course, each driver must also use the other available compound - the soft - during Sunday’s Grand Prix.

The new supersoft will provide more even contact with the track surface, improving adhesion and handling, while at the same time offering greater resistance to graining and blistering.

That increased durability, combined with Monaco’s ultra-smooth track surface - the least abrasive on the F1 calendar - means an even greater likelihood of teams attempting one-stop race strategies.