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2016 set for improved engine noise, potential weekend shakeup


02 Jul 2015

Changes to F1 exhaust systems that will improve engine noise for 2016 are among a raft of regulation changes that have been agreed by the Formula One Strategy Group at a meeting ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

Teams will also be given increased freedom of choice for tyre compounds, the practicalities of which are being finalised with official suppliers Pirelli for next season.

In an even more immediate change, increased restrictions on driver aids and coaching will be rapidly implemented, starting from this year’s Belgian Grand Prix - with a particular emphasis on race starts.

Furthermore, several exciting and innovative changes to the qualifying and race weekend formats have been discussed and are being evaluated by F1 governing body the FIA and Formula One Management for a 2016 introduction.

Beyond next season, a new set of regulations aimed at achieving faster and more aggressive looking cars, to include wider cars and wheels, new wings and floor shape and significantly increased aerodynamic downforce has been outlined and is currently being assessed by the teams for 2017.