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Button: No decision yet on F1 future

24 Sep 2015

Jenson Button said on Thursday that he has no updates on his Formula 1 racing future, amid media speculation that he could call time on his Grand Prix career.

The 35-year-old Briton said there are still "so many possibilities" for his 2016 plans, and added that he is still in positive talks with McLaren.

"I can't give you anything else really since the last race. You're going to have to wait for a little while, I'm sorry to say," Button said in the official FIA press conference at Suzuka.

"We're in good talks, the team and myself. There are so many possibilities of what could happen next year, so many. That's it."

Asked whether he was still relishing driving in F1 amid a difficult season for the rekindled McLaren-Honda partnership, Button said: "I don't think any driver has joy when they're not fighting for victories - that's what we're here to do, that's what we love. The challenge of fighting at the front… no, I don't like finishing 14th or 10th, that's not what gives me joy or excites me.

"But there are so many other things that if they work in your favour, or if you see a future, there's a possibility of joy coming back, and that's exciting. After Singapore I wasn't joyful, no. I'll be happy next year, that's the important thing."

Button also insisted his fundamental belief in Honda's long-term prospects had not been shaken, adding: "This is an important time for Honda. They will give everything to win the world championship - it is, I think, a matter of time. 

"I don't think anyone can say when, but I know they are giving everything to do that. Hopefully we will see one day the president of Honda stood on the podium again."

Button will make his 279th Grand Prix start this weekend, a tally bettered only by Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. In that time the Briton has claimed 15 wins, 50 podiums and one world championship crown, although his last victory dates back to the 2012 season finale in Brazil. This year he has claimed just two top-10 finishes, the best of which was eighth at Monaco.