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Kvyat: Q3 crash a 'rookie mistake'

26 Sep 2015

Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat said a basic error led to his violent crash in Saturday's final part of qualifying for the 2015 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix.

Kvyat accidentally dropped a wheel onto the grass at the Turn 10 kink, pitching his RB11 into the barriers at high speed. The car then barrel-rolled in the gravel, sustaining heavy damage before eventually coming to a halt.

The Russian, who was able to clamber out of the cockpit unharmed, accepted the blame for the incident, saying: "It was a rookie mistake. I put two wheels on the grass and there was no run off area so it was a quite logical end I think."

Speaking about the amount of damage, Kvyat added: "It looks really bad I must say. I'm sorry for the guys [in my team] - it has been a tough couple of weeks already and with this crash it's extra work for the guys so I'm sorry about that."

Red Bull subsequently confirmed they will have to build up a new chassis for Kvyat overnight, meaning he will have to start Sunday's race from the pit lane.

WATCH: Kvyat crashes out in Q3