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Pirelli confirm tyre choices for Russia

14 Jan 2016

Pirelli have announced the three tyre compounds they’ll bring to the fourth round of the 2016 championship in Russia, and they’re exactly the same as for the first three races of the season - supersoft, soft and medium.

As per the revised 2016 rules, Pirelli have also nominated the two sets of tyres that the teams must have in their race day allocation, and as with the first three events these will be the soft and the medium. Each driver must use at least one of these mandatory sets during the course of the race.

Every team must also save a set of supersoft tyres for Q3, but they have a free choice over the remaining compounds that make up their 13-set weekend allocation. The teams must inform the FIA of their choices no less than 14 weeks ahead of the race.  

The 2016 tyre choices so far:

1. Australia – supersoft, soft, medium

2. Bahrain – supersoft, soft, medium

3. China – supersoft, soft, medium

4. Russia - supersoft, soft, medium