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Out now - F1™ 2016 game launches on mobile

11 Nov 2016

F1 2016, the official videogame of the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship, is now available on all iOS devices via the App store - with an Android version following in the coming weeks.

The game features four playable modes - quick race, full season, custom season or time trial - and features every official circuit, team and driver from this year's world championship.

It also boasts unparalleled visuals and gameplay, utilising cutting-edge techology to produce the fastest and smoothest experience ever, while including effects like depth of field and motion blur.

The game runs on all iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices, with a Universal Purchase app that runs on iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. iPhone 7 owners, meanwhile, will benefit from their phone's Taptic engine to provide haptic feedback, at the same time as delivering stereo audio (driven by the 3D environment) through the iPhone 7’s dual-speaker set-up.

"This version of F1 2016 has been developed specifically for mobile devices but continues to deliver a console quality experience in terms of gameplay and graphics," Ian Flatt, executive producer of the F1 games at Codemasters, explained. 

"Every car model and every circuit has been optimised from the full console game to ensure the highest quality experience, and we have pushed the technology to the absolute limits. 

"Whether you want a quick race on your favourite circuit or an entire season of races containing practice sessions, qualifying and full length race sessions, it has been designed for playing on the go with flexible game modes that allow you to get straight into the action. The F1 2016 mobile game is great to play whether you are commuting, waiting for friends or sat at home on the sofa."

The game can be purchased from the App store worldwide, with an Android version launching in the coming weeks.