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Ferrari ask stewards to review Vettel’s Mexico penalty

10 Nov 2016

Ferrari have submitted a request to the Formula One stewards to review the post-race penalty given to Sebastian Vettel at the last round in Mexico, which ultimately cost the German third place.

Vettel received the ten-second time penalty for driving ‘dangerously or erratically’ while defending fourth place from Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo in the closing stages of the Mexico City race two weeks ago, dropping him from third to fifth in the event’s final classification.

It was the first time the relevant regulation had been applied since FIA race director Charlie Whiting issued a clarification on “defensive manoeuvres” at last month’s United States Grand Prix and Ferrari say they believe a number of new elements have come to light since Mexico that mean the decision should be looked at again.

“Scuderia Ferrari is aware that championship rankings will not change, regardless of the outcome,” read a Ferrari statement. “But in light of its importance as a precedent for the future, and in order to provide clarity in the application of the rules in future events, Scuderia Ferrari believes that the decision should be reconsidered by the Stewards.”

The FIA’s International Sporting Code obliges race officials to review any decision or ruling in the event of a ‘new element’ being discovered.

Speaking to the media in Brazil on Thursday, Vettel reiterated his disagreement with the Mexico decision, saying: "The penalty was bitter and of course I am not happy about it, as I don't believe I deserved it. I was defending my position as I usually do - and did - so there was nothing in that situation that stood out compared to many similar race situations in the past."