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Ferrari: 2016 innovations 'very ambitious'

19 Feb 2016

Ferrari say they have been "very, very ambitious" with the SF16-H, having introduced new concepts or improvements in almost every area of the car.

A shorter nose and an extremely tightly-packaged rear end are among the most noticeable differences visually, but Ferrari have reviewed almost every aspect of the car in a bid to return to the front of the Formula One grid in 2016.

"The project of this car started one year ago, and the direction was very ambitious - our goals were very ambitious," chief designer Simone Resta said.

"We tried to revisit and review everything. What are the areas we changed? The nose and front suspension; the side pods; the power unit; the rear end..."

Speaking about the front of the car, Resta added: "Today we have something quite different - [the nose] is higher, and the airflow is different to last year. That is very important because it has a positive impact on aerodynamics.

"Also after five years of pull-rod [suspension] we have changed and we now have push-rod. The weight and kinematics are better - and it is a step forward compared to previous models.

"Another important part are the side pods. The radiators are different - and we have tried to take advantage with the cooling systems."

Power unit director Matteo Binotto said Ferrari had made similarly sweeping changes to their 2016 engine layout.

"Compared to last season we have worked on two areas," he explained. 

"First the architecture. We have tried to compact it in order to have a positive impact on aerodynamics. The car is tighter and narrower compared to last year. We tried to move all the accessories.

"But we did not work only on architecture, we tried to improve combustion for example, inlet aspiration and also the turbo.

"This is the first step compared to the past, a step forward, so we have made important technical choices and innovative choices."

The SF16-H is expected to make its official track debut at the start of pre-season testing next Monday at Spain's Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.