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Baku will be 'world's fastest' street circuit

25 Mar 2016

Formula One's newest venue, the Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan, will be the fastest street track in the world according to designer Hermann Tilke.

With the circuit set to host Formula One racing for the first time on June 17-19, Tilke says the layout and setting will present drivers with a completely original challenge.

"Baku City Circuit stands out due to many factors," Tilke told the circuit's official website. "Baku, of course, is not comparable with any of the permanent circuits, because it is a city circuit - but even when compared to city circuits Baku is unique. Baku City Circuit is expected be the fastest street circuit on the F1 calendar.

"The track loop around the city's historical centre will create a unique and remarkable atmosphere for fans watching in the grandstands and at home - this is exactly what makes it so appealing.

"There is no track like [it] - it will be one of the most exciting ones on the calendar. [It] will be the world’s fastest city circuit."

Fernando Alonso, who visited Baku earlier in March as part of his role as ambassador for the race, echoed Tilke's sentiments.

"It is unique, you cannot compare it to other circuits," the Spaniard explained after driving the layout for the first time. "It's good both for drivers and in terms of the show for spectators. 

"Here you have the opportunity for overtaking, many different actions, very high speeds - around 340 km an hour, it is first time in the history that a street track will reach this high speed. It is the fastest street track and it will be an unbelievable show."

Tilke said early simulations predicted lap times would be around 1m 41s, although  that could be faster depending "on the individual set-up of the racing cars and on the developments of this year's new cars".