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Exclusive video: Ride onboard as Vettel trials Halo concept

04 Mar 2016

Formula One racing's much-discussed Halo head protection concept appeared on a car for the first time during pre-season testing at Barcelona this week.

Kimi Raikkonen was the first man to trial the system - admitting afterwards that it made 'surprisingly little difference' to what a driver can see from the cockpit - before Sebastian Vettel repeated the experiement for Ferrari on Friday.

But just how big is the impact on visibility? In content exclusive to, we ride onboard with Vettel as the four-time world champion completes his first lap in a car fitted with the Halo concept.

The design is Ferrari's own interpretation of the Halo design, and is by no means the finished article.

F1 racing's governing body, the FIA, anticipates that if the design is approved and adopted for 2017, it will be made of a lightweight material and feature a hinge for easier driver extraction.