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Pirelli reveal tyre compound choices for Austin

11 Jul 2016

Teams and drivers will be able to choose from Pirelli's supersoft, soft and medium tyre compounds for the 2016 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix, the 18th round of this year's championship.

That combination has proved the most frequent of 2016, having been nominated by Pirelli nine times this season.

The supersoft is the assigned compound for drivers who reach Q3 in qualifying, while the soft and medium are nominated for the race - meaning drivers must have at least one set of each compound, and must use at least one of them during the 56-lap race.

Last year's race in Austin proved a thriller, with Daniel Ricciardo leading for Red Bull early on, and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton passing team mate Nico Rosberg on-track in the closing stages to secure victory, and with it his third world championship crown.

The 2016 tyre choices so far:

Australia - supersoft, soft, medium
Bahrain - supersoft, soft, medium
China - supersoft, soft, medium
Russia - supersoft, soft, medium
Spain - soft, medium, hard
Monaco - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Canada - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Europe - supersoft, soft, medium

Austria - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Great Britain - soft, medium, hard

Hungary - supersoft, soft, medium
Germany - supersoft, soft, medium
Italy - supersoft, soft, medium
Belgium - supersoft, soft, medium
Singapore - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Malaysia - soft, medium, hard
Japan - soft, medium, hard
United States - supersoft, soft, medium