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Red Bull and Aston Martin reveal AM-RB 001 road car

05 Jul 2016

Red Bull Racing and team partners Aston Martin have released the first images of the AM-RB 001 - a new hypercar co-created by the two companies that is to be built using an F1-inspired carbon fibre construction.

The radical mid-engined machine, the brainchild of legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey and Aston Martin’s Marek Reichman and David King, is powered by a naturally-aspirated V12 engine and will have a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1.

To put that another way, that’s an incredible 1 bhp per kilo of weight, giving the car a performance level in line with that of today's LMP1 Le Mans sports prototypes.

"I've long harboured the desire to design a road car,” commented Newey. "I've always been adamant that the AM-RB 001 should be a true road car that's also capable of extreme performance on track, and this means it really has to be a car of two characters.

"That's the secret we're trying to put into this car - the technology that allows it to be docile and comfortable, but with immense outright capabilities."

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner added: "Red Bull Racing has always steered an innovative course in our ongoing development of a competitive Formula One car.

"The conception and modus operandi of Red Bull Technologies has been to apply our expertise to truly progressive projects and partnerships. Our relationship with Aston Martin and the realisation of the AM-RB 001 is pioneering and borne of our synergies and desire to break new ground. The AM-RB 001 is the inspirational product of this collaborative spirit."

Production of the car will be strictly limited, with between 99 and 150 road cars and a further 25 track-only versions in the works. First deliveries will commence in 2018.