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WATCH: Vettel’s chequered flag mix-up in Germany

04 Aug 2016

Sebastian Vettel had hoped for better than fifth in his home Grand Prix at Hockenheim last weekend - but in the end he was lucky not to finish even lower down the order after making an unusual error on the final lap…

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After crossing the line at the end of a race it’s customary for drivers to slow down, go off-track and pick up rubber on their tyres - something Sebastian Vettel dutifully did in Germany. There was only one problem: the four-time world champion did it one lap too soon! As you can see in the video above, the mix-up cost Vettel a substantial chunk of time - around 14 seconds had elapsed between him cruising past the phantom chequered flag and then returning to racing speed after what must have been a disarming moment of realisation. But fortunately for the Ferrari man he had enough of a buffer to those behind - led by team mate Kimi Raikkonen - not to lose any positions…