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Kevin Magnussen Q&A: Sunday not a McLaren shootout

21 Nov 2014

Like McLaren team mate Jenson Button, Kevin Magnussen still doesn’t know whether he has a future with the Woking squad next season. However, given that the Dane has only just completed his rookie campaign, he may be justified in thinking he has a little more at stake. Does that mean a strong performance is essential in Sunday’s Abu Dhabi finale? Magnussen insists it’s a little more complex than that…

Q: Kevin, the uncertainty over your McLaren seat must be as nerve racking as it is for your team mate. How are you living through these days?

Kevin Magnussen: As normal, as always. It is a normal race - just like the rest of the season. We have some exciting new things [on the car] for this race and as normal I will do my best and not let myself getting distracted by thinking about what the future brings.

Q: By ‘new things’ you are no doubt including the front wing that McLaren debuted today, the work of the team’s new designer Peter Prodromou. How did that feel?

KM: Very different - which is good. Without getting too much into the detail, the best answer I can give is that it is a different philosophy - something very positive for the future. But right now the old front wing is still faster.

Q: If the grapevine is to be trusted, Fernando Alonso will be racing for McLaren next season. Could he be a good team mate for you?

KM: I think for every team in the paddock Fernando would be a good choice, but as Jenson is a fantastic team mate I have to say that I would have no preference.

Q: We all know that we’ll have to wait until at least December 1 to get an answer on McLaren’s driver line-up for 2015. Do you think that a good result here could change anything?

KM: It is difficult to say if it would make a difference in this matter. I honestly assume that no decision has been made on the management level so far, but I would deny that this race is something of a shoot-out. But then, of course, a good result always helps… for you personally - that you know that you can do it.

Q: Is the main goal for McLaren this weekend to out-score Ferrari in the constructors’ championship?

KM: Technically - or rather mathematically - it is still possible with the double points, but it will be difficult. And it would require a good portion of luck - and that is something that you cannot influence. But of course we will do everything we can, as on the sheet P4 looks significantly better than P5.

Q: It is the last race of the season and usually the moment to sum up the past months. You are in your rookie season and given that fact that the McLaren was not such a competitive car, you have scored an impressive amount of points. Can you say what was your best - and worse - moment of 2014?

KM: The best moment, of course, was Australia. To finish on the podium in your first ever Formula One race - that was a very special treat. Unforgettable. Worst moment? Hard to say. Maybe Turn 1 in Hockenheim.

Q: The championship will be decided on Sunday. Being a new kid on the block and unfazed by sympathy and antipathy, who do you think deserves it more?

KM: I don’t know who deserves it more. The guy who will win will deserve it more. That’s what I think. Both have been good this season - and all I can hope is that they will put on a great show on Sunday for the fans.