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Daniil Kvyat Q&A: Toro Rosso due a good race result

06 Jun 2014

Russian rookie Daniil Kvyat has been one of the stars of 2014 to date, impressing with his pace and maturity behind the wheel for Toro Rosso. On Friday in Montreal he had both a new circuit and technical issues to contend with, but that hasn’t stopped him hoping for a strong showing in Canada come Sunday…

Q: Daniil, it wasn’t the easiest day for you on a track that you never raced on before. What happened?

Daniil Kvyat: There have been some issues with the car that allowed me to put in only 30 laps overall today. We have to analyse these glitches this evening and I am confident that we’ve fixed it for tomorrow and that we are able to put in another good qualifying performance. Hopefully we finally can also translate that quali performance into a race result. It would be about time to do so! (laughs)

Q: How is it to race on a track that is new to you? How did you go about that?

DK: Well, I’ve been to some tracks already this season that I’ve never raced on before and it wasn’t really an issue. I’ve done one full day of simulator work last week, so I came here pretty well prepared. And of course I’ve walked the track with my engineers yesterday - and that is pretty sufficient to get to know a new track. Of course in the first four or five laps you are a bit more cautious as you have to learn the ins and outs of how to go about the kerbs and the corners, but after these two or three laps it’s fine. It’s a pretty unusual track: long straights and slow chicanes - quite interesting.

Q: So let’s go back to the last race in Monaco - also a very unusual track. In hindsight how satisfied were you? You had to stop after 10 laps with an exhaust failure, but you qualified in P9 - that is pretty impressive for a rookie in Monaco…

DK: Yep, it looked like a pretty cool weekend until Lap 10. But what happened happened and I left Monaco with a good feeling, having demonstrated that I can perform well anywhere.

Q: The Monaco exhaust issue happened on both cars. Has the problem been understood and eliminated?

DK: Yes, the problem has been understood and the team now knows how to work on this complex. I’ve been told that we should be alright this weekend. And no, the issue I had in the afternoon had nothing to do with the Monaco problem. That’s all I can say.

Q: Not so long ago you turned 20. Some said it was too early for your F1 debut, but you seem to be comfortable and impressing with good performances. What feedback do you get?

DK: So far I had good feedback - and the opinion of someone like (Toro Rosso team principal) Franz Tost or (Red Bull motorsport consultant) Helmut Marko really matters. But of course I have to keep on developing. And of course good results in the future would definitely help to make an even better impression.

Q: How inspiring is it to see Daniel Ricciardo’s step up? Knowing that if you show good results a Red Bull Racing seat is within reach…

DK: That is not my business now. We have to focus on this year and not look at something that might be. Any team I am with, I work for the maximum result. I don’t care about the budget thing or how many people work there. I believe that with Toro Rosso we can have good results. Probably Red Bull Racing has a faster car than us right now, but we also do have the chance to step up to the midfield.

Q: The next race will be the Austrian Grand Prix at Spielberg. You are the only guy to have raced on this track already…

DK: Yes, it was Renault 2.0 where I had two victories there, so I really like that track. I am very much looking forward to going back there. Will my knowing the track help me? Probably the first four to five laps in FP1 on Friday - then the others will know what to do, just as I did here. (laughs)