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Jules Bianchi Q&A: It is always good to drive a Ferrari!

09 Jul 2014

Jules Bianchi was originally only meant to be driving for Marussia in the Silverstone test, but he received a late call from Ferrari following Kimi Raikkonen's heavy crash in Sunday's race. After taking full advantage by going fastest on day two, he spoke to reporters about driving for the Scuderia, and his long-term ambition to land a permanent seat with the team...

Q: Jules, how did today go, being back in a Ferrari?

Jules Bianchi: It was really good. It's always a good experience to drive a Ferrari car. Obviously, we had a test programme, which was pretty busy and we did nearly everything, so I'm happy with that too.

Q: When did you find out you were going to be replacing Raikkonen?

JB: On Monday, I don't remember exactly when. But it was Monday evening, more or less.

Q: As you were chosen, does that give you confidence that Ferrari might be looking at you in the future?

JB: Well obviously considering that I am part of the academy, I think it is the target one day. I have to show them that I am ready in any case, and then we will see. But at the moment they have two good drivers who are doing a good job so I don't think it's the plan.

Q: You got the top time today though - was that a good audition?

JB: Yes, I think I was consistent and doing good lap times. I think the track was different so it's quite difficult to compare everything, but it's always good to do some good lap times and to be consistent. So I am pretty happy with the day.

Q: You had a good benchmark after driving here over the weekend and yesterday with Marussia - how do the cars compare?

JB: It [the Ferrari] obviously has more downforce here, this we know already. So it is better in the high-speed corners. We cannot really compare because it's a bit of a different day, the wind was a bit different today, we didn't really use the same tyres, the same fuel loads, so it is difficult to compare. But what I could feel is that the downforce was higher.

Q: How much aero and tyre work did you do?

JB: We did more aero, with some set-up work. We were trying to find some solutions to improve the car and I think they could see some interesting things. But we still have to investigate what was going on today and hopefully they will find something.

Q: It was in different conditions, but did you have it in the back of your mind to better Kimi Raikkonen and match Fernando Alonso's times from FP2 on the weekend? Did you want to make a point?

JB: Yeah, obviously it is much better to do a good job and a good lap time. It's different because they were running in FP2 and the wind was different, so you cannot compare, but it is always good to do a good lap time.

Q: How much of a regret would it be for you if you never got to race for Ferrari?

JB: At the moment I know that it's not the plan for the next year, because they have a plan for the other drivers, so I will just try to focus on what I have to do with Marussia at the moment, trying to get good results. I think we've shown when we have the opportunity that we can do a good job so it's really important for me to keep going like this. Then one day if they want me, I will be ready.

Q: Was part of today your chance to show how at home you can be at Ferrari, and how well you can communicate with the team? Have you done that?

JB: I think I have shown the team that I can work well, that I can be quick, but it was a day of testing so it was not the target to compare me with other drivers - the target was to improve the car and try to help the team. I think I've done my job for that - I'm really pleased.

Q: This is the fifth different Ferrari you have tested. Are you confident that, through that relationship, they will help you stay in F1 until there is an available seat in 2016?

JB: That is the objective. It's never easy to stay in F1 but I hope I show to Ferrari that I deserve to stay in F1 so they can help.