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Kevin Magnussen Q&A: I underestimated how wet it was

26 Jul 2014

McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen was in the wrong place at the wrong time in Budapest qualifying, arriving at an unexpectedly wet Turn 1 just as the rain suddenly worsened in the early stages of Q3. It sent the Dane sliding into the barriers, leaving him 10th on the timesheets, three places behind team mate Jenson Button…

Q: Kevin, that was quite an afternoon for you flying into the tyre barrier. It looked a bit scary. Can you tell us what happened?

Kevin Magnussen: It was too wet in that very moment. Or let’s put it this way: it was wetter than I had expected. It is really sad that we didn’t get more out of it - I feel that I could have been on a good run. I only hope that the car will be okay for the race.

Q: So it is only the psychological disappointment - physically you are well?

KM: Yes, I am fine - it’s only the disappointment.

Q: Can you please talk us through that lap?

KM: Well, the first corner was much wetter than the last corner - when I came out [of the last corner] I had full grip, but when I tried to brake I underestimated how wet it was, and there you go. I am sad for the team that they have to put in an extra shift - and also because I truly believe that we could have had a pretty good qualifying. I was definitely hoping for a good grid position, as the afternoon started quite well.

Q: But in the end it is still a pretty good result, as both cars start in the top ten. Can you tell us about what that could mean for tomorrow?

KM: I hope that we can have a good race. In the end it’s not so bad starting from P10 in my case, and Jenson starts from P7. That should give us a good basis if we can get my car together with the same bits - otherwise I have to start from the back. Of course, that is not really what I am looking for.

Q: Could it be that you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?

KM: Possibly. As I said before, in the last corner there was no indication that just some hundred metres away the conditions would be that different. Last corner you brake and everything is fine; the next corner you brake and all the grip is gone and you sail into the barrier.

Q: If you start from P10 what do you think you can do in the race? No doubt McLaren are moving forward…

KM: Yes, we are moving forward. Having said that, I think that anything beyond P5 would have been out of reach. So in the end, if it stays with P10 that should be okay - not perfect, but something that I can live with. How will the race develop? That will depend much on the conditions in the race. Tomorrow afternoon there is a chance for rain - and it will just be a question of when. Otherwise my prediction is that we will see fewer pit stops, and whoever gets his strategy right in these circumstances will be on the ‘sunny side’. Let’s hope that also goes for us!