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Nico Rosberg Q&A: I felt like a rock star!

02 Nov 2015

Sunday’s Formula 1 Gran Premio de Mexico 2015 was special for so many reasons, among them the incredible atmosphere in the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez’s spectacular stadium section - which played host not only to track action, but also the podium ceremony. For race winner Nico Rosberg, it made for an experience like no other…

Q: Nico, you had four pole positions in a row and only the one in Mexico City resulted in a race win. Can you explain why?

Nico Rosberg: Because only in Mexico City did all the pieces of the puzzle fall into the right places. From the first lap onwards I felt comfortable, the set-up was right, and my engineer did a great job. Of course, if you have pole and go first into Turn 1 that makes all the difference. I would not say that the race is already decided at that point, but it helps a lot on the mental level.

Q: At the start you immediately went to the inside - to block that line to the bitter end…

NR: Honestly I don’t have a fixed plan - I look at the situation and then decide. In that case Lewis came flying in the slipstream - that’s why I had to shut the door.

Q: When the safety car came out was there any flashback to the race in Austin a week previously?

NR: No, no flashback, because what happened in Austin was a couple of laps after the safety car. Of course I prefer a race without a safety car, because I had a good rhythm.

Q: Was there ever a moment when you felt that Lewis [Hamilton] could come too close and probably make a move on you?

NR: I had a pretty controlled race and I always had a sharp eye on him, and whenever he tried to get closer I pushed the pedal - that was it. I wanted the gap to stay at a constant level. And to be honest, I pretty much controlled that.

Q: Sebastian Vettel’s terrible race has made it a lot easier for you to finish second in the drivers’ championship…

NR: … but that was the last thought on my mind. It’s a nice afterthought, but nothing that kicks me off my feet.

Q: Both championships are decided, but how important is it in this part of the season to be successful and to get some sort of momentum for 2016?

NR: To be honest I don’t think so much into the future - I just think about the current race. It was awesome to win the Mexican Grand Prix - and that was my target for that weekend. There is no thought about future championships - it was about that awesome race. And then there are still two races to go and I will take each one at a time. So 2016 is quite in the distance. Of course there are things that you need to plan ahead for and that will play a role next year, but no major things.

Q: Isn’t it important for you to finish the season on a high, since you’ve had some unlucky moments lately?

NR: I am able to put things behind me very fast. And yes, of course, it is nice to win from pole position - but that is not a big secret and was not discovered for the first time yesterday.

Q: Aren’t the next two races also a chance for you to assess some of the weaknesses you’ve had here and there?

NR: I know already what they are.

Q: Can you say?

NR: No. For sure it’s a battle that I fight, but I also keep improving all the time.

Q: Has Lewis apologized for his move in Austin?

NR: That topic is finished.

Q: But how is your relationship?

NR: I don’t want to say anything about it, but I think you can see it from the outside anyways.

Q: The handshake on the Mexican podium was very brief…

NR: … if that is your opinion…

Q: What are you doing next?

NR: Immediately go home to my family. That is top of my list. But hey, to win here - that is really the ultimate wow factor. I felt like a rock star - people in two grandstands shouting your name: that is unbeatable.

Q: When you say you felt like a rock star, would you say that in the future we should bring the podium closer to the people?

NR: Absolutely - this was the best podium ever in F1!