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Nico Rosberg Q&A: Mercedes was designed for this track

03 Jul 2015

Nico Rosberg comes into this weekend’s 2015 Formula 1 British Grand Prix on a high, fresh from three wins from the last four rounds. No surprise then that the German is feeling confident - especially as he believes Mercedes’ F1 W06 Hybrid is ideally suited to the Silverstone circuit…

Q: Nico, last year here you started from pole position but didn’t finish the race because of a gearbox failure. Unfinished business?

Nico Rosberg: Yes, in some ways. I won here in 2013 and started from pole position in 2014, but had to retire. Now I want to make up for it again. This track goes well with me - that is why I want to give it a try. In this season you have to take every chance that comes your way - especially on tracks that suit you! I feel that the car works perfect in fast corners - and here are a lot of fast corners, so I am pretty confident for Sunday.

Q: Last year you were very strong in qualifying - this year that strength seems to have shifted more to races. Are you doing something differently this season? How do you explain that shift?

NR: If only it were that easy to explain! (laughs) Of course I knew last year that I had to raise my game in racing, so I was working on it – but, of course, not forsaking qualifying at the same time. That would have been a bad trade!

Q: How did you work on it?

NR: It was about analysing and refocusing. But in the end there are so many things that can play to your advantage or against you.

Q: Does an away win count more? This is ‘Lewis country’ after all…

NR: Ha! Yes, of course it is a special race. And that makes it a high priority on the ‘have-won’ list.

Q: You have had regular setbacks in your title bid, yet every time you bounce back. How does that work?

NR: I always believe that I can win - and sometimes it really happens.

Q: But some situations really look difficult to bounce back from - and still you do it…

NR: That sounds like a simple concept then: if I avoid difficult situations I probably get the better end of things.

Q: So how difficult will this weekend be? Will Ferrari be able to make your life a bit more uncomfortable?

NR: I don’t know. But from what I’ve heard they have lots of new parts on the car - but we also have new parts. In the end I would say that our car was designed for a track like this. We are the strongest in high-speed corners…

Q: …so there are tracks that are not ‘made’ for Mercedes?

NR: Probably Monza. This is an absolute high-speed track. So things could be somewhat difficult there - and maybe Montreal, but that is history. But in Montreal Ferrari shot themselves in the foot.

Q: Last year you came here as the leader in the standings. Now you are ten points behind. Despite that gap do you feel stronger and more ready for the title than last season?

NR: I feel good right now. And I am really looking forward to the race. With how our car behaves it is always something special to race on such a track. It is for sure special to go to every race knowing that you can win - because I also know how it is if you know that you will not win. I had that for eight years. So coming to a track knowing that there is probably only one driver who stands in my way, that’s not a bad feeling!

Q: We’ve seen an increasing number of new tracks recently. Is a classic like Silverstone still something special?

NR: Yes, it is something special. Tradition takes time - and this track is all about speed and tradition. It will be a special weekend.