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The Essential… Daniel Ricciardo

28 Aug 2015

A joker with a permanent smile outside a Formula One car, Daniel Ricciardo is a man transformed once behind the wheel - and he’s won a legion of fans as a result. But what underpins it - what keeps the ‘smiling assassin’ ticking? We quizzed him to find out...

What are the essential elements of your pre-race routine?

Daniel Ricciardo: Music, stretching and proteins!

What are the essential ingredients of a good night out?

DR: Good alcohol, good music and good company.

What essential items must you have in your driver’s room/motorhome at a race?

DR: Laptop, iPod - and food!

What essential items must you always have in your fridge at home?

DR: Oh, not much really. If you think about it, it boils down to water.

What are the essential qualities of a good F1 team mate?

DR: Fair, respectful and competitive.

Your essential tip for avoiding stress at airports?

DR: Music gets you by! (laughs)

What are the essential qualities of an F1 driver?

DR: Being ruthless. And don’t have any illusions - every one of us guys here has a big portion [of ruthlessness] within them. You have to.

What are the essential elements of great racing circuit?

DR: High-speed corners, good kerbs that you can jump across, and not much run-off.

What app is it essential to have on your phone?

DR: Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.

What are the essential qualities of a team boss?

DR: Strong, firm and honest.

What are your essential requirements at a hotel?

DR: I am a simple boy. I don’t need much: a good bed and a good shower. That’s about it.

What is the essential Grand Prix every fan should attend at least once in their lifetime?

DR: Monaco.

What are your essentials for a good night’s sleep?

DR: To be honest I don’t read much, but a book helps to put me to sleep. It takes everything off your mind.

What are the essential items you must have with you while travelling?

DR: Passport, iPod, phone, wallet - and a good mood!

What is essential to help you wake up in the morning?

DR: An alarm clock with a ‘jump-out-of-bed’ alarm tone! Mostly never welcomed, but it helps.

What is the essential F1 corner?

DR: The swimming pool in Monaco.

What are the essential parts of your training regime?

DR: Warm-up and core stability. And then all the things that everybody does: running and cycling.

What is the personal quality most essential for success in F1 racing?

DR: Determination and passion.

What is your essential tip for the aspiring F1 driver?

DR: Go for it boy!