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Sebastian Vettel Q&A: Ferrari confident ‘come rain or shine’

11 Jun 2016

Sebastian Vettel didn’t quite have what it took to prevent an all-Mercedes front row in Canada qualifying on Saturday, but with their improved engine that doesn’t mean he and Ferrari won’t be pushing the Silver Arrows all the way on Sunday - regardless of whether the forecast showers affect the Montreal race…

Q: Sebastian, was this the ideal lap in your quest for pole position?

Sebastian Vettel: It was far not far off. I think in the chicane after the long straight I was a bit early on the brakes - and then the timing is not right any more. We are probably speaking about half a tenth. And I didn’t get out of the switchback ideally, as I was accelerating a bit too early which caused some wheelspin - and there you have it. Nothing major, but also little things do add up. But my guess is that even with a clear lap, it would not have worked for pole position. Yes, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to give the two Mercedes a hard time today. But that’s all water under the bridge now and the real good news is that the car felt great.

Q: Can you already make a judgment on the new turbo? Is it delivering what you expected?

SV: Yes, it delivered the expected - not only for today. We also expect a bit of extra boost in the race. But let’s wait and see.

Q: You were also one of those who slightly ‘kissed’ the wall of champions today - in relatively good conditions. The forecast is possibly rain for tomorrow and then the slightest contact could have a very different outcome…

SV: …I have managed to ‘make contact’ every year and this afternoon it dawned on me that this is qualifying and tomorrow is the race, and as I don’t want it to happen in the race - in the rain - I told myself to quickly deal with it in qualifying! (laughs) That’s a joke. If you throw everything into a lap these things happen. It is always a question of how you come out again of such a situation.

Q: Despite your little glitches in Q3, you give the impression that you do like this track…

SV: Yes, I do. It is a brutal track. You have to go over the kerbs pretty ruthlessly. And if then things work out the way you had hoped, it feels superb - and that was pretty much the case today - except the braking too early and the wheelspin. I hope that we can take that overall good feeling into the race tomorrow. When the conditions get mad we’ve seen in the past mad races - and I am ready to ride it out!

Q: You had a very close look at Lewis Hamilton’s car in park ferme…

SV: …yes, because you hardly have the chance to get so close to it. The steward told me that I cannot look so intensely and I replied: I do what I want. That probably sounded a bit arrogant, but was not intended to be. I was just curious. I am no engineer, so it was just a look of interest - and it was easier to have a look there than sneaking into the Mercedes garage! (laughs)

Q: Red Bull Racing are hoping for rain, as they believe it will raise their chances. How is it with you and Ferrari?

SV: I think I was reading that statistically the chances rise for everybody when it is wet, as unforeseen things can happen. But then this obviously goes for more than just one (team)! I think we can be confident, as the car has been running smoothly all weekend and from yesterday to today we’ve been able to make another step forward. So rain does make interesting races - but it is not something that we have to bank on to get a good result. Hopefully. I am very positive for Sunday - come rain or shine. (laughs)