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Jenson Button Q&A: Hockenheim should suit McLaren

28 Jul 2016

Last weekend saw Jenson Button endure a nightmare race in Hungary, but despite that the 2009 world champion left Budapest feeling optimistic about McLaren’s place in the pecking order, not least because of team mate Fernando Alonso’s solid run to seventh place. And as Button explains, he expects another strong showing from his team in Germany…

Q: What is your feeling for this weekend, given that Hungary was not one of your best races?

Jenson Button: I cannot wait to get back in the car and put Hungary behind us. Actually it was just the Sunday in Hungary that was bad, as we qualified P8. During the race everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. We had good pace that brought us to P7 in the final results with Fernando (Alonso), but the downside of this was that even in P7 he got lapped. So we are looking ahead positively and hope that we will have a good weekend here in Germany. Generally Hungary was a good circuit for us, but then again I don’t really think that there is a big difference between good and bad circuits for us these days. We are very strong at [circuits that require] heavy braking, so this circuit should suit us as Turns 2, 4 and 6 are heavy braking zones. So I am really looking forward to this weekend. It’s a fun track and I am very happy that we are back.

Q: McLaren was the fourth-best team in Hungary - at least in qualifying. Can you repeat that also here?

JB: I hope so. It was good to see both cars making it into Q3. I could have been even higher up - probably P6 - so that was in itself a massive achievement. When you look at the result it is clear that we still have issues to iron out. So let’s see if we can make a small step forward this weekend

Q: Now that we are halfway through the season, what has been your highlight so far? And how would you rate it on a scale from one to ten?

JB: It's been amazing!

Q: Really?

JB: Why not? Sure! Because the overall highlight is the team itself! I would give them a clear ten! We get new parts at every race, whether it is the power unit, or the car itself mechanically or aerodynamically. It is great to see, knowing that it is still a long way to go. Take for example this weekend: I will get the front wing, which was already on the other car for a couple of races, and now we have one each, which is great.

Q: You still owe us your personal highlight…

JB: Ah, yes. It was probably Austria where I qualified P5 and was running in second for the first bit of the race.

Q: What about the double waved yellow flag issue that was brought up in Hungary? For some it seems to be a burning topic…

JB: Well yellow and blue flags come up a lot, but of course the double yellow flag should be looked at separately. Because it is very clear that if you run into a double yellow flag you know that your lap is gone - or it should be gone! Especially in qualifying. It is a shame that we have to change them - because lifting by one tenth or two is not enough.

Q: At this time of the year the so-called silly season is in full swing. What feelings do you have about your future in Formula One?

JB: I am excited about my future!

Q: Can we expect to see you somewhere in 2017?

JB: Yes, somewhere. If it will be in Formula One or somewhere else I don’t know. But nothing to be worried about! I am a big boy.

Q: When will you know?

JB: September? Maybe!