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McLaren MP4-30 - reshaped brake ducts

17 Feb 2015

McLaren have redesigned their brake ducts for the new season. We take a closer look...

McLaren, like Ferrari, have opted for a very long and low nose concept on their 2015 car, which is designed to work in tandem with the Red Bull-style front wing seen briefly in Abu Dhabi at the end of last season. Another interesting feature at the front of the MP4-30 are the brake ducts (see circled area), which utilise an unusual shape in order to improve cooling efficiency - something that could be an important factor this year as the cars are expected to be faster than in 2014. McLaren, like Ferrari and Red Bull, also utilise blown wheel hubs. The idea of these is to bleed airflow from the brake duct through a duct in the centre of the axle to not only improve cooling efficiency, but also to improve airflow around the front tyres.