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McLaren MP4-30 - new short nose design

20 Jun 2015

From FP2 onwards in Austria, Fernando Alonso ran an obviously different looking version of the team’s 2015 car, almost a B-spec version.

The changes - including the short nose shown above - were part of a major aero update which will be completed at the next round at Silverstone, with a totally new front wing, new sidepods with vertical vanes, new mirrors and a lighter chassis. The change of chassis meant a few procedural headaches for crash testing, as rules state that new components must be tested on the chassis that will be used on track. Eventually in Spielberg, though, Alonso was able to run his car, which also differed from Button’s (below) in its floor, diffuser and rear wing. The nose is a mix of Williams’ and Red Bull’s designs, and allows better airflow to the rear of the car.