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Sauber C34 - Singapore update package

20 Sep 2015

Sauber introduced the largest update of arguably any team in Singapore. This is the fruit of many months in the wind tunnel and CFD. The package - the Swiss squad’s first major upgrade of the season - almost amounts to a B-spec machine. Sadly, however, it could not prevent both cars going out in Q1 in qualifying.

The update includes a new, shorter nose, following the trend set by Williams from the start of the season. Sauber’s treatment is similar to McLaren’s. The drawing above shows the old nose on the left and the new one on the right.

It has the following features: 1. Shorter and thinner ‘finger’ in the centre; 2. Lower nose section with improved airflow under the nose to the floor; 3. New main profile with a larger footstep and a curved profile beneath the endplate (a trend set by Mercedes); 4. New slotted flap; 5. Second vertical turning vane to better direct the airflow outside the front tyre; 6. Wider, Mercedes-style section; 7. Different fins on the outside of the endplate.

The drawing above shows the old nosecone on the left and the new one on the right. The difference in length and shape is clear. Note that the new nose does not have the lower keel (red arrow).