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Tech insight - Ferrari under-chassis aero

04 Oct 2016

As the 2016 Formula One season heads into its final quarter, teams continue to push ahead with development, especially those locked in close battles for championship positions, such as Ferrari. We take a look at the Scuderia's Sepang developments...

Ferrari, chasing Red Bull hard for second in the standings, trialled a new updated aero package on the SF16-H during opening practice in Malaysia, no doubt with the upcoming Japanese race in mind. The drawing above shows the addition of a ‘batman’ wing (left arrow) just behind the front suspension, similar to the one introduced in Austin last year, and longer vertical fins (right arrow) along the edge of the T-tray. This was used in practice only: for qualifying and the race the team reverted to the standard solution shown below, with a vertical, V-shaped fin under the chassis (top arrow) and shorter vertical fins (bottom arrow) on the T-tray.