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Tech insight - Williams' new front wing

05 Jul 2016

On Saturday morning in Austria, Williams introduced this totally new front wing design on Felipe Massa’s car. Sadly it never got to race, but we could well see it again at Silverstone this weekend.

The upper flap now has a twisted inner endplate (1) similar to that seen on the Toro Rosso. Previously it was vertical and straight. There is an additional fin (2) to better direct airflow to the outside of the wing, and the central vertical plate is now slotted (3) whereas before it was closed. And the horizontal fin on the endplate (4) is now twisted rather than straight.

Massa was due to race with the wing, but at the last minute the team discovered some structural damage - thought to have been caused by vibrations over kerbs in qualifying - meaning the Brazilian had to start from the pit lane after a nose change.