The F1 Extreme Innovation Series with MIT Sloan Executive Education


Business has never been more competitive. The need for innovation has never been greater. And only by innovating faster and better can you gain the edge over your competitors.

Sounds daunting, we know. But at F1 and MIT, we’ve been innovating like this for decades.

The pace and pressure of F1 is relentless and offers lessons for all businesses – as do lessons from MIT management faculty experts.

The Extreme Innovation series, brought to you by F1 and MIT Sloan Executive Education, is where the cutting-edge of motorsport meets the thought-leaders of business. We showcase the best and brightest from each of these worlds, so that you can apply insights from both, to your business.

Exclusive and unique – it’s an event like no other.

The Extreme Innovation Series is a bespoke learning experience for senior executives. It combines world renowned keynote speakers with lectures and exercises where you can apply learnings to your own business challenges and opportunities. You’ll also enjoy fine dining throughout the day, as well as tours of the F1 Paddock, pit lane and track.

This unique access lets you learn from the best - innovative business leaders, F1 experts and top MIT faculty – in a single, unparalleled experience.

F1’s legendary expertise in applied technology meets MIT’s world-leading applied management frameworks. This combination of theory and practice helps to give future leaders the edge in business.

Discover how to sustain a level of innovation that makes start-ups look slow, and how to put theories into action at lightning speed. 

Attend this year to give yourself an extreme edge.


On the face of it, an inventors’ patent registered in December 2010 – number 20110301985, described as ‘a system and method (…) for enabling transportation to be arranged for individuals carrying handsets or mobile devices’ doesn’t immediately appear world-changing. But from this single idea, Uber was born – and a global industry was disrupted.

One of the three names on that patent was Oscar Salazar, the founding CTO of Uber, who helped to redesign the architecture of on-demand transportation worldwide. And following that radical innovation, he’s gone on to provide his telecommunications and engineering expertise in the design and architecture of innovative products and systems to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

A seasoned entrepreneur, senior executive, and engaged in several successful technology firms, he also co-founded Pager Inc. in 2013, a tech enabled healthcare company – dubbed the ‘Uber for healthcare’ – that connects patients with high quality care providers through innovative technology applications.

Additionally he provides strategic, technical and marketing advice to different sectors such as Rubicon Global Inc. (a tech driven waste management company), Cargo X (asset free trucking and logistics company in Brazil), Tech-Invest Spain (an entrepreneurial support company). He has also engaged with Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency brokerage start-up which went public in February 2019 on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange.

With a B.S. in Telematics (University of Colima, Mexico), a M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Calgary, Canada) and a Ph.D. in Telecommunications (Paristech, France), Salazar is as much an engineer as he is a ground-breaking entrepreneur.

The perfect choice, then, to provide an inspirational and thought-provoking keynote address at the first in 2019’s F1 Extreme Innovations Series.

The 2019 F1 Extreme Innovation Series

Read on for a rundown of two of the F1 Extreme Innovation events in our series this year. We’ll be announcing more 2019 events and titles soon. Each boasts its own theme, keynote speaker and a unique local flavour.

Each event also offers actionable tools for your business, from MIT’s cutting edge management insights to insider stories from some of the world’s most successful companies. Come and listen to the pros who push the limits of what’s possible. Last year, guests heard from business titans like Boeing’s Alan Mulally and Apple technology visionary Steve Wozniak and this year in Bahrain, Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber is headlining our first event. Come and meet with fellow senior leaders to grow your worldwide network, too.

Then you’ll want to stay for the excitement.

And you can take the relentless thrill of the chase back home with you, so you can pursue your own goals with new fire.


Bahrain – SOLD OUT
Building a Winning Platform
Thursday 28th March
Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir
Building successful business enterprises requires both great products and great teams to lead, manage and execute for success. Want to manage complex tech projects without tearing apart your team? Attend to hear how you can overcome “firefighting” in product and project development while managing conflict for productive innovation. You’ll also hear how to build and execute on a platform business model with examples from inside and outside of F1.
Keynote speaker: Oscar Salazar – Co-Founder, Uber
Faculty: Nelson Repenning and Ben Shields, MIT
F1 Community: Jonathan Neale, COO McLaren Group and Pete Samara, Director of Innovation and Digital Technology, F1


Winning Against Intense Competition
Thursday 11th July
Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, UK
We know what it takes to win in the most extreme conditions. Attend to learn about game theory and strategy that can help you out-think and out-perform the competition, no matter how quickly you have to make the right call (we’re good with speed, don’t worry). And we’ll explore the link between mental and physical toughness in preparing for and winning intense competitions.