The F1 Extreme Innovation Series with MIT Sloan Executive Education
What is The Extreme Innovation Series?

F1’s legendary expertise in applied technology meets MIT’s world-leading management frameworks. This unique combination of theory and practice will blend F1’s experience in applied technology with MIT Sloan Executive Education’s ‘mind and hand’ model of applied business frameworks to give future leaders the edge in business.

What can this event do for my business?

Business has never been more competitive. Innovate fast. And then keep on innovating. That’s how you gain the edge over your competitors.

Sounds daunting, we know. But at F1 and MIT, we’ve been innovating like this for decades.

F1 is relentless. And with help from MIT Management experts, you can enable the same extreme innovation within your business too.

This is a unique insider view of the innovation industry in action. Discover how to sustain a level of innovation that makes start-ups look slow. How to ruthlessly exploit every tiny advantage. How to put theories into action at lightning speed. How to learn from every failure. How to collide data, science and innovation.

The Extreme Innovation Series: Monza 2018

Winning Against Intense Competition, our first unique education experience, goes live at the Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’Italia 2018 in Monza on August 30th. Participants will learn from MIT Faculty, leading figures from the F1 community and Former Ford and Boeing CEO Alan Mulally, on how the innovation race is won with analytics and data-driven decision making.

The F1 Experience

As part of the event, you’ll tour the circuit, walk the pit lane and visit the F1 Paddock to see where real innovation takes place. Then enjoy the finest food, wine and service from world class chefs and hospitality at the F1 Paddock Club.

Upcoming events

Monza, Italy – 30th August 2018
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Winning Against Intense Competition – how a race is won with analytics and decision making.

Austin, Texas - 18th October 2018

Building A Winning Platform – How to build a winning team with people and technology.


There are four events planned in 2019, tackling the themes of:

  • Winning Against Intense Competition
  • Building A Winning Platform
  • Winning Customers
  • Winning With Resilience

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