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Extra power unit for Honda amid engine rule revisions

02 Jul 2015

McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will be allowed to use an additional power unit without penalty this season following regulation changes agreed in Wednesday’s meeting of the Formula One Strategy Group.

Alonso and Button were both penalised at the last round in Austria for using their fifth engine of the year - current regulations allow four - but the revised rules will grant an extra unit for new manufacturers entering F1 racing. The change will apply retroactively to Honda, who returned this season with McLaren, ‘for the sake of fairness’.

In addition, the whole system of power unit penalties will be overhauled, while mandate has been given to F1 governing body the FIA and Formula One Management to propose a comprehensive set of measures for power unit development and cost of supply.

This will include a full review of the current token system which controls in-season power unit updates, an increase in race fuel allowance, and limits on the usage of engine dynamometers.