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Rosberg 'partied until 9am' after triumph

29 Nov 2016

Nico Rosberg says he won two world championships on Sunday evening in Abu Dhabi – one on the track, and one for partying afterward.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Rosberg said the tensions of the race – and the joy of celebrating with his family and emulating father Keke – had made for one of the most intense, emotional and special evenings of his life.

"I can confirm that I am a double world champion, because we became the party champions on Sunday night," Rosberg laughed. "It was big – epic, massive!

"I was very lucky because all my friends and family were there, they came, so we all partied together. It was an amazing time. I think we wrapped up at quarter to nine. That was when I had the last picture on my phone.

"It's amazing the emotions that come out in sport, just unbelievable – so intense, you don't find that in many other places in life. You find it when you get married or when you have a baby, as I've had the good fortune of having, but not many other places in life. 

"My mum has never ever seen a race of mine because she's so scared, so she came right after the finish, and of course it was unbelievably emotional when she found out I had won. We were both crying our eyes out. 

"She said it was one of the best moments she has ever had in her life, and it was really wonderful to hear that. 

"And with my dad he came a bit later on, and that was special you know. All of a sudden it's become one of the biggest things I'm talking about – half of every interview is about my dad. 

"I used to hate it, but now I'm loving it, because one of the most emotional things for me was that I managed to achieve what he achieved. And to share that now with him, to compare, is really one of the most special things for me."

Asked about his team mate and the tactics employed during a tense season finale, Rosberg added: "You can understand the team's perspective, they were not so happy with that – but at the same time it's easy to understand his perspective because as drivers we're fighters and it's about the world championship.

"But anyway we can just drop the whole discussion. There's no point even discussing this topic anymore I think. It's done, and it's a thing of the past. It's fine.

"Lewis is an amazing driver, one of the best of all time; that's clear. It's always tough to beat him, always - and that makes it all the more special now that I finally managed to get one back on him and take the championship away from him.

"The relationship with him, we have the base respect, because we were really good friends back in the day, and that will always remain – the respect – and that helps, even though it's difficult because you're in the same team fighting each other. It's an intense environment."

Asked whether he is now dreaming of becoming a multiple champion, Rosberg concluded: "That's really not on my mind at the moment - I'm just really loving the moment, taking it all in. 

"Now comes a period which is more intense than ever, because there's not a day of relaxing for the next two or three weeks, which will be pretty crazy. And then relaxing for me is going home, going to see my wife and my daughter, going on the promenade and things like that – that's the most wonderful thing for me at the moment."