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Nico Rosberg Q&A: Wet race holds no fears

10 Nov 2016

Win at Interlagos on Sunday and Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg will be assured of his first world title. The weather is always one of the big unknowns for the Brazilian race, but come rain or shine Rosberg insists he will treating it just like any other Grand Prix…

Q: Nico, it is the first time in your F1 career that you come to a race being able to win the title by your own efforts alone. Does that change anything, or is it a race like any other?

Nico Rosberg: From my approach it is a race like any other. Or to be more precise, any other where I think I can win. But on the other side it is somewhat unbelievable that I am here and know I am able to fight for the title. That is really cool!

Q: How far have you got with your plans for the celebrations on Sunday?

NR: I have not wasted one single thought on that. If I don’t waste thought on the title how on earth would I waste thoughts about partying? Any thought on that is so irrelevant.

Q: There are only two races to go, so it is probably fair to reflect on 2016’s past races. What would you say was your highlight?

NR: Something that immediately springs to my mind is Singapore. The whole weekend was incredible. Qualifying, the race - and standing tall under the pressure from Red Bull who had changed their strategy and I was out there with almost done tyres.

Q: It could be a wet race or a dry race, depending on which forecast you look at. What would you prefer?

NR: I wouldn’t mind both, as it makes no difference. In the past I felt comfortable on this track even in the wet - I think it was in 2013 that we had a wet race here.

Q: Are you superstitious? That things still might go wrong for you?

NR: I am a bit superstitious, but I don’t let it interfere with my racing.

Q: In 2014 the situation was similar to now. How is the atmosphere now compared to two years ago?

NR: It is much more relaxed. Also from my side! I have been through this already, so I know how it goes and that makes it easier to keep the focus.

Q: How important are your personal routines on weekends like this? Your preparation, your timing, who you speak to - all these comforting things that can make a difference…

NR: On weekends like these it is important that you stay in your own comfort zone - that everything is structured in the way you like it - and that I have time to be on my own. That is an important aspect - not to be drawn into a negative spin from outside incidents. The important thing is to be able to blend out anything that interferes with your concentration. If you don’t learn that in time you will not make it in F1.

Q: Do statistics mean anything to you? Like the one that Lewis (Hamilton) has never won the Brazilian Grand Prix?

NR: That doesn’t make any difference at all. That is all in that past. But the race is in the future. I do have a good feeling here and I like the track - and that is more important than any statistics. But maybe when I have a good feeling, he maybe has some worries.

Q: When you race on Sunday will you be listening extra carefully to every sound the car makes?

NR: No, because it would not help as I would not have any chance to influence it. I have huge confidence in the team. And that gives me confidence.

Q: In the last couple of races Mercedes have at times been under pressure from Red Bull. Is it clear that Mercedes will be on the front row on Sunday?

NR: How would I know? Do I look like a crystal ball reader? All I know is that we have such a great car and such a strong team - any more I don’t need to know. And this confidence goes far beyond this season: I believe we will also be strong in 2017.