VOTE NOW: Most Influential Person - the final 8 face-off in the Divisional Finals!

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Here we are folks: The divisional finals in our knockout tournament to find the Most Influential Person in F1 History. After yesterday's dramatic Round 2 contests, we're down to the biggest of big hitters, and over the next 24 hours we'll crown the most influential driver, team boss, innovator and game changer across the sport's 70 years.

Here's how things stand heading into today's votes...


So once again we are asking for your votes. It's quite simple: We have four match-ups. Four winners will advance to the Final 4.

So if you're ready, let's get going...

DRIVERS' FINAL - Michael Schumacher (2) vs Juan Manuel Fangio (5)

Bracket Series Drivers H2H 16x9 FANGIO v

Is this the ultimate duel of the titans? On the one hand you have Fangio, the man who dominated the 1950s, setting the standard that all drivers who followed aspired to, and inspiring a generation of talent that wowed in the 1960s and 1970s. On the other you have Schumacher, the man who finally matched and then beat Fangio’s record of five titles, revived ‘sleeping giant’ Ferrari and inspired so many of the current generation with his complete dedication to the job.

On his way to the division finals Fangio has downed Lewis Hamilton and number 1 seed Sir Jackie Stewart. Schumacher, meanwhile, has defeated Niki Lauda and Ayrton Senna.

Who wins this battle? The one you deem to have had the most influence on F1.

Vote now!

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TEAM BOSSES' FINAL - Enzo Ferrari (1) vs Jean Todt (4)

Bracket Series Team Bosses H2H 16x9 FERRARI v

In the red corner: Enzo Ferrari, founder and proprietor of F1’s most famous, most successful, most passion-inspiring team. In the other red corner: Jean Todt, a man who after Enzo’s death helped drag his team out of the doldrums and turn them into the then most dominant team ever, before becoming FIA president.

Enzo Ferrari has been like a wrecking ball in this competition so far, pushing convincingly past Flavio Briatore and Frank Williams. Todt has had closer calls, defeating Toto Wolff in Round 1 and narrowly edging Ron Dennis in Round 2.

The question is, has Todt had more influence on F1 than Enzo Ferrari?

Vote now!

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INNOVATORS' FINAL - Adrian Newey (1) vs Gordon Murray (2)

Bracket Series Innovators H2H 16x9 NEWEY v

The innovators division is the only one that has gone according to script, with the number 1 seed facing off against the number 2 seed for the title.

But will it be Adrian Newey, arguably the most preeminent aerodynamicist in F1 history, or Gordon Murray, an out-of-the-box thinker with a huge array of innovations up his sleeve, who gets your nod as the most influential?

Both won multiple championships. Both have a claim to the title. Only one man can win.

Vote now!

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GAME CHANGERS' FINAL Bernie Ecclestone (1) vs Sid Watkins (4)

Bracket Series Game Changers H2H 16x9 ECCLESTONE v

Surely the most intriguing match up in the divisional finals pits Bernie Ecclestone against Professor Sid Watkins. Bernie is, of course, ‘Mr F1’ having transformed the sport over 40 years into the glittering global spectacle that it is today, enjoyed by millions around the world.

However, Watkins, it’s said, was the only man Ecclestone (who hired him) would take orders from, as the neurosurgeon who transformed trackside safety and medical response.

Who gets your vote as the most influential?

Vote now!

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We'll reveal the winners tomorrow!


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